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Don’t worry: Kanye West and John Legend are still friends


Christopher Polk/MTV1415/Getty ImagesIf you thought that a difference in political opinion between Kanye West and John Legend could sever their friendship, well, you thought wrong. 

On Thursday, as previously reported, Ye shared a screenshot of a text conversation he recently had with Legend, in which John asks the rapper to reconsider his support of President Donald Trump, and to think not only of his legacy, but of the fans who he’d disappointed.  

Kanye responded, “You bringing up my fans or my legacy is a tactic based on fear used to manipulate my free thought.” 

John replied, “Think freely. Think with empathy and context too. Your words and actions have consequences. Much love.”

Now, though, it looks like their conversation took a much more lighthearted turn. 

“And since you’re posting texts,” John continued, “let me add that i have a new single out haha.” 

Kanye replied back with, “Haha [laughing face emoji. I love you John.” 

Kanye then tweeted in a separate message, “I really appreciate this dialogue with John Legend because I’m actually very empathetic. Im still the kid from the telethon. I feel when people think of MAGA they don’t think of empathy.”  

Ye’s “telethon” mention apparently refers to his infamous “George Bush doesn’t care about black people” statement during the 2005 Hurricane Katrina relief telethon. 

It also looks like Kim Kardashian-West and Chrissy Teigen aren’t letting their husbands’ conversations impact their friendship. 

On Twitter Chrissy asked Kim if they were still “doing dinner Friday or no.” 

Kim then replied, “Yes but maybe no phones [laughing face emoji] [no phone emojis] [laughing face emoji].”

Chrissy then wrote in jest, “can I bring my friend Scott Baio he’s super chill.”   

Baio, star of Charles In Charge and Happy Days, is a Trump supporter. 

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