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Drake surprises fan with two new songs: When to Say When and Chicago Freestyle


Jason Mendez/Getty Images for The Town HallOver the weekend, rapper Drake surprised fans by leaking two new, brutally honest tracks to add to his astonishing music collection: “When to Say When” and“Chicago Freestyle.” 

Just a few weeks ago, the Toronto rapper had fans perplexed when he was seen outside of Jay-Z’s old stomping grounds — Marcy Projects in Brooklyn — looking shook while shooting scenes for “When to Say When.”

In the song, Drake raps about his blessings that he shares with others, as well as his accomplishments and being grateful for his son and his mother. The tracks samples Jay-Z‘s “Song Cry” from 2001’s The Blueprint.

But the lyrics about his son’s mother — “Baby mama fluke/but I love her for who she is” — are rubbing people the wrong way. 

Pusha T exposed Drake with his 2018 diss track, “The Story of Adidon,” revealing he was “hiding a child;” Drake later confirmed on his album Scorpion that he had fathered a son, Adonis.  But now, female commenters are calling him “rude as hell” for referring to his son’s mother this way.

One wrote, “Drake did nooooot just say ‘Baby Mama fluke,’ this man don’t care at all.”

As for “Chicago Freestyle,” Drake recruited London singer/songwriter Sampha for vocals on the track, which features the 6 God interpolating Eminem’s pre-chorus on “Superman.”

He raps, “Women they come they go /Saturday through Sunday Monday / Monday through Sunday, yo.” In the video, Drake cruises through Toronto in a custom OVO Rolls Royce after giving a tour of his mansion,  dubbed “The Embassy.”  

“When to Say When” and “Chicago Freestyle” are both available now on Soundcloud. Watch the two-part video on YouTube.

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