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Ella Mai blasts UK prime minister for commentary amid COVID-19 crisis


ABC/Image Group LALike many, Ella Mai is in London enduring the updated restrictions due to the COVID-19 coronavirus, with reportedly over 1,500 cases and 55 deaths in the U.K. so far.

On Monday, Prime Minister Boris Johnson held a press conference addressing the country’s updated restrictions in order to slow the spread of the virus and save lives. He ordered to stop all non-essential contact and unnecessary travel and urged the population to stay inside. But the U.K. singer didn’t agree with everything he had to say and took to Twitter to share it. 

“this man is so embarrassing. our european neighbors are on lockdown&this is what he‘s on? now, more than ever, as a nation and as a people, please be careful&cleanly, vigilent [sp] and sympathetic but also kind. goes a long way, especially when we have a ‘leader’ like this,” she tweeted.

The “Boo’d Up” singer reposted a video clip from another user of the conference where Johnson admitted he continues to shake hands with people, even a few coronavirus patients at a hospital recently. 

She said she doesn’t speak on politics often due to confusion of the facts, in fear of giving misinformation. “But one thing I do know is that we have to take it upon ourselves to help each other as best we can because the people in power are an absolute no,” she tweeted

After sharing her posts, she received praising messages like “Ella 2020” and “Speak on it, sis, your voice matters” in the comments. 

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