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Ella Mai is amazed how foreigners love her songs


Jonathan MannionElla Mai kicked off her North American Boo’d Up tour Monday in Dallas, but thanks to the tremendous success of “Boo’d Up,” she’s gaining popularity all over the world…even with fans who don’t understand what she’s singing.

Mai, who was born in London but now lives in L.A., tells ABC Radio that European audiences are more uptight than crowds in America, but she’s continually shocked by how many non-English speaking fans love her music.

“I think in America, everyone is a little — I don’t know if this is the right word to use but, like, looser — so everyone is a little bit more carefree,” she says. “I recently went to Amsterdam and Paris to do a show and I was quite apprehensive because English is not their first language, so I didn’t know how the reception was going to be, and it was amazing.”

“They know every word as if they spoke English,” she says. “Even if their English wasn’t so great, they could still comprehend the fact that they loved the songs, or this song is their favorite.”

“I felt like that was amazing feeling for me,” Mai adds, “because I’m like, ‘English isn’t even your first language, but somehow we can connect,’ and that was really cool to see.” 

Mai’s U.S. Boo’d Up tour wraps up August 28 in Seattle,

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