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Ella Mai reveals her lifelong dream: “I want to win a Grammy”


Jonathan MannionThe Grammy nominations will be announced Friday, and Ella Mai is expected to be among the nominees. If her name is called, it could be the start of what’s been a lifelong dream for the British star.

“I remember when I was little that was like the main thing I wanted to do: ‘I want to win a Grammy,’” the singer tells ABC Radio.

While in recent years, there have been protests about black artists not being acknowledged at the Grammys, Mai feels they’re finally receiving the honors they deserve.

“Now we’re getting the recognition, and people who deserve it are getting the recognition and get the award and will get to perform there, and use their platform on the Grammys, which is a big deal,” she continues.

After growing up in London, the “Boo’d Up” singer moved to New York City where she attended high school. She moved back to London, and then after signing a recording contract in 2015, now she lives in Los Angeles.

The 24-year-old singer says L.A. is quite different from New York and London.

“It was definitely a big adjustment ’cause New York and London are pretty similar in the fact that they are like ‘city’ cities, in, like, you take the subway,” she says.

“When I moved to New York, even though it was an adjustment, it wasn’t as big of an adjustment as when I moved to L.A.,” Mai continues. “Like being in a car 24/7. The weather…like, it’s always sunny. A culture shock ‘cause it’s completely different.” 

However, we’re sure Mai will be happy to be in L.A. on February 10 — that’s when and where the 61st Annual Grammys will be held.

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