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En Vogue says they would love to have their own Las Vegas residency, just like Salt-N-Pepa


ABC/Eddy Chen

Iconic R&B group En Vogue joined forces with the legendary Salt-N-Pepa for a show-closing performance during Sunday’s Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas. The two groups previously collaborated together to record their hit track “Whatta Man,” released in 1993.

Now with Salt-N-Pepa gearing up to embark on their first-ever residency in the city, ABC Radio asked En Vogue if they’d like to do the same. “We would love to do something like that,” says group member Rhona Bennett

With dreams of a Las Vegas residency aside, En Vogue’s first album in 14 years, Electric Cafe, is out now. According to Cindy Herron, the response to the disc from fans has gone “amazingly well. We wanted them to love it, but… the reception has really been amazing.” 

“Like, ‘Oh my gosh they actually love this album!’,” Cindy adds.

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