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En Vogue’s Rhona Bennett on touring in Europe: Every time we go over there the reception is fantastic


ABC/Eddy ChenLegendary R&B group En Vogue is headed back on the road for the second leg of their European tour — which kicks off today in Dublin, Ireland — in support of their newest album, Electric Cafe

Excited to perform again overseas, the group’s Rhona Bennett tells ABC Radio that the love they receive from fans in Europe is always “pretty consistent.” 

She says, “Every time we go over there the reception is fantastic.” 

“There is something about being overseas and how they… consume the music and the level of respect that they have for the music and the artists that are delivering the music and you can feel that energy from them.” 

“It’s just a powerful exchange when we perform. It up levels what we’re able to give because of what they give to us,” Rhona adds. 

In addition, when it comes to touring, Rhona and her bandmates Cindy Herron and Terry Ellis agree that some down time is necessary as well. 

When asked what they like to do when not performing on stage, Terry replies, “Exercise,” while Cindy says, “Eat. Watch movies. Rest.” 

Terry adds, “Yeah we really try to rest as much as we can. ‘Cause our bodies… you know when we get over there, we’re still trying to adjust. It takes at least a week to adjust.” 

“We’re also looking forward to the food,” she declares. 

The second leg of En Vogue’s European tour begins April 2 until April 16. 

Their seventh album, Electric Cafe, arrives everywhere April 6. 

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