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Eric Benét Talks New Album and Being Back in the Studio with Tamia


Jarett FajardoEric Benét‘s latest album, eric benét, is a delight for fans who have been waiting for new music from the singer-songwriter since his 2012 LP, The One.   

Benét, whose inspiration for music comes from life in all its joys and heartbreak, showcases twelve songs, with a bonus remix track of the song “Sunshine.”  

The remix features none other than Tamia, who sang with Benét on their Grammy-nominated track “Spend My Life with You,” released in 1999. 

Benét tells ABC Radio how excited he was to work with Tamia again. “It was a joy being in the studio again with Tamia. She’s…we have a long history,” he begins.  

“My first number-one single, ‘Spend My Life with You,’ was seventeen years ago now? And, we’ve done a few things in the studio since then, but it was great to come up with the idea for the remix for ‘Sunshine.'”  

Listeners to eric benét will recognize the previously released song “Insane,” on the album, which Benet cites as a prime example of what R&B music used to be.  

“Back then, R&B music was so much about the instrumentation of it. How dope the musicians were on the track, and a lot of that is what you hear on this album. Pretty much all of my tracks are really celebrating music and instrumentalists. And you can definitely hear that on ‘Insane,'” he says.

In celebrating music and live instrumentation, eric benét puts a spotlight on what it means to be human, which, Benét says, lies in imperfection.  

“For the most part, it’s mainly live. And I think the reason for that is human-ness. Subtle imperfections on a track are what makes it human and…perfect,” he says. 

eric benét arrives in stores and for streaming and download on October 7. 

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