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Erica Campbell warns about social media causing envy and jealousy: “It’s negative any way you slice it


Atria BooksErica Campbell has published her first book, More Than Pretty: Doing The Soul Work That Uncovers Your True Beauty, and she warns people about the evils of social media.

“It’s not all bad, but there are some elements that have made us only compare each other. Only look at  other people’s lives,” the five time-Grammy winner tells ABC Audio.

“Only feel bad that maybe our successes aren’t as big as someone else’s or gloat because yours is better. I mean it’s negative any way you slice it when it comes to comparison and envy and jealousy,” she says. “I’m not married to social media. I don’t let it control me.”

Campbell has also released a new single, ”Praying and Believing.” Erica debuted the song on the BET show, Sunday Best, and she remembers it had an immediate impact.

“I had a friend who had just lost his father, and he came and he was saying, ‘Man when I just seen you come out on stage, I was like, ahh, my friend is here,’ and I am a friend to a lot of people,” Campbell says.

“I pray for people and I encourage them and I’m your cheerleader, and I want people to know they can make it and that you can overcome and that the bad days don’t last forever, and storms don’t last forever,” Erica continues. “So being able to sing this song and convey this message, I hope will encourage people and then challenge them to pray themselves.” 

“Praying and Believing” is featured on the new complication album by Erica’s husband, titled Warryn Campbell Presents My Block Inc., which will be released October 28.

Erica is now recording her third solo album following Help 2.0, which was released in 2015.

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