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Erykah Badu Hosts a Soul Train Vegan with Soul Dinner Party


ABC/Randy HolmesTo commemorate her third time hosting this year’s Soul Train Music Awards, Erykah Badu hosted a delectable seven-course vegan soul food dinner party Monday in Lower Manhattan, Billboard reports. 

Attendees, who were asked to wear traditional Japanese kimonos, devoured savory selections of appetizers, courtesy of Ghetto Gastro, and meals that included glazed carrots, potato soup and barbecued tempeh [TEMP-ay].  

Glasses of red and white wine were also on the menu.  

According to Billboard, during the intimate affair, Badu encouraged her guests with powerful words of wisdom. 

“Our hearts are making a comeback, our spirits are making a comeback with a vengeance,” she said. “I see people in the streets, picketing and talking and making movements and moving because they’re awake. And whatever happens next, we do it together and that’s what’s most important.”

Erykah also expressed her deep gratitude for being able to share the special evening with “like-minded souls.”

“I’m happy to be here in this moment, in being able to enjoy this moment and be in it, and not be somewhere else in my mind or be sad about something or be somewhere that I don’t want to be,” she declared. “I’m happy to be here right now.” 

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