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Estelle Streams Album Sampler for True Romance


Image Courtesy Sophy Holland

Estelle is giving fans the chance to preview her upcoming album, True Romance, before it arrives next month.

A two-minute sampler of the singer’s 12-song project, which includes the singles “Make Her Say (Beat It Up)” and “Conqueror,” can be streamed now via her official YouTube page.

The sampler makes it clear that Estelle aimed to deal with a wide range of topics on the album. The singer recently revealed to ABC News that her song content is why fans appreciate her music.

“I think people that like my music, they appreciate that I’m never going to be one type of artist. The only type of artist that I’m going to be is the artist that does a lot of different styles of music,” she says. “So it’s not weird to me to sing a record like ‘Conqueror,’ because I can relate a thousand percent to that record and then sing a song like ‘Make Her Say,’ because I’ve been there too.”

She continued, “A lot of people that listen to my music have been in equal spaces, have had the feeling of being an underdog and have the feeling of being super bossed up and empowered as a woman or as a guy. So, you know, I think they get it, they understand.”

Fans can expect the singer’s fourth studio effort to focus on four themes: “passion, courage, true romance and the bullsh**.”  The set will arrive February 17, marking the first on her indie label, Est. 1980 Records.

The album is available for pre-order now.

Here’s the track list for True Romance:

“Time After Time”
“Something Good / Devotion”
“Make Her Say (Beat It Up)”
“Time Share (Suite 509)”
“The Same”
“Fight for It”
“Silly Girls”
“Gotcha Love”
“She Will Love”
“All That Matters”
“Not Sure” (Bonus Track)

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