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expand Brandy Talks Zoe Ever After, Says She Never Dreamt of Being in Acting


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If you missed the premiere last week, there’s still time to catch up on Brandy in the role of Zoe Moon in the new BET sitcom Zoe Ever After.  Brandy tells ABC Radio that she understands why some fans are comparing the lead character to the singer’s popular character Moesha from the late ’90s sitcom of the same name.

“I feel the Moesha comparison of her being all grown up is, you know, Moesha was young and no one ever got to see Moesha grow up, but if Moesha were to grow up she would be similar to Zoe: driven, spontaneous and never giving up on her dreams,” says Brandy, who plays a newly divorced character, who has a new career and a 10-year-old son. “Moesha never gave up on her dreams and neither does Zoe and she’s finding out a little bit late in life that she has a dream and she’s going to go after it no matter what, but that didn’t stop her.”

Brandy’s new role is just one of many acting credits on her resume. However, even with all her experience, Brandy says that acting has always been more challenging then singing.

“It’s definitely harder, because I never dreamt of being in acting when I was younger. I was just trying to do everything to sing, so I just kind of fell into acting, like, I wanted people to see my face because I wanted to get my music out,” Brandy says. “But I learned to love it and realized that I have to use this big personality and maybe comedic timing and learn better and work with great people to help me figure that out and you know, I’m here now.” 

Brandy adds: “I just want to continue acting, maybe get into some other roles film maybe, I don’t know.”

You can catch her showing off her acting chops on tonight’s episode of Zoe Ever After at 10 p.m. ET on BET.

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