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Fans react to Babyface throwing shade at R. Kelly at his concert


ABC/Fred LeeR. Kelly has become the punchline of several jokes from the music industry, regarding allegations of sexual assault against him. While R. Kelly currently awaits trial behind bars, R&B vet Babyface Edmonds took a minute to shade him while telling a story about his childhood crush during his performance in Las Vegas.  

“Fifth grade. That was the one. Could’ve changed my life. I don’t know if I’d even be standing here today if that hadn’t happened. You know what her name was? Mrs. Potter. That’s right, it was my fifth grade teacher,” Babyface began. “I had a thing for her but to be honest, I kind of think she had a thing for me.”

He then revealed she would give him extra credit in class although he didn’t deserve it.

“If that was today, a fifth grader and teacher today, you’d get hooked up,” he said. “If that had happened back then, I don’t know I’d be a whole different kind of songwriter. Don’t you think?”

“I mean, I don’t know. I might write songs like R. Kelly or something,” he said as he ran to the back of the stage. The crowd broke out in laughter as did people in the comments. 

One user wrote, “No shade like the old school shade.” Another said, “Well you can’t come for Babyface the goat he said what he said!!” Between a few “Whew Chile” and “Ouch” comments, users still applauded him as the “greatest songwriter of all time.”

Others didn’t take his funny commentary too well, suggesting he was making light of a bigger issue at hand. “It be our own black people tearing us down. I love to laugh just not at the expense of a serious situation,” one user wrote. 

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