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Flo Milli talks Never Lose Me success, what she learned from Cardi B and SZA and more


Photo by Nykieria Chaney/FilmMagic

Flo Milli‘s “Never Lose Me” is her first entry on the Billboard Hot 100, but it almost didn’t make her album. Speaking to People, the rapper says the song holds “a huge place” in her heart because “it was one of those songs I just followed my intuition with.”

“We were working on the album and that song was not going to be on the album at all. And it was also the song is a genuine feeling that I was feeling, so I was a little nervous to drop it because I don’t really show this side to me,” Flo says.

Ultimately, she says she’s “glad that I actually listened to myself.” She says when she teased it she “knew people was f****** with it.”

Flo later added Cardi B and SZA to the remix, learning valuable lessons from both stars.

“I learned from Cardi, she probably don’t even know she was teaching me that, but just learning to not really care about every little thing people say,” she says. “Cardi is very much herself and she expresses that and that’s what we love her for.”

SZA, who Flo says has “been supportive since I first started rap,” showed her that “you can always be supportive to the girls that come after you and paving the way for them.”

After making an appearance at PinkPantheress‘ LA show, Flo thinks a collaboration with the star “would definitely be a hit.”

“I want to make sure we really take our time with it, but I’m so looking forward for that,” she says. “She’s super sweet, super cool. I had great conversations with her and we’re definitely looking forward to collab, so I’m excited for that.”


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