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From Waterfalls to Unpretty: T-Boz explains how TLC crafted their summer set list


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TLC is currently out on a summer tour with Nelly and Flo Rida that will run through the end of August.  Of the three acts, TLC has been around the longest, so they have the most hits.  When it comes to figuring out which of those many hits they’ve decided to perform on this tour, TLC’s T-Boz says they take a lot of things into account — including what you want to hear.

“I usually go by what the fans like — we listen to them,” she tells ABC Radio. “And then you also go off the sales. Like, ‘Waterfalls,’ of course, usually comes last because that’s our biggest hit to date.”

But once you figure out what you’re going to play, T-Boz says putting the songs in the right order is important — not in the least because she and Chilli have to pace themselves.

“You kinda arrange your set by the hype of the show,” says T-Boz.  “Like, ‘OK. This is too slow. We need something fast here…OK. This is a good time to slow it down, ’cause we’ve been partying and going hard.'”

“And we always have to measure it, too,” she notes. “Because you can’t dance so hard through the whole show. You have to get a little break in there!”

Ultimately, T-Boz says, “It’s all those things that you factor [in]…you know, your stamina, the crowd and their participation, and…what they would like. So we just kind of do our set based on that.”

On TLC’s current tour, you’re guaranteed to hear “Waterfalls,” as well as smashes like “Red Light Special,” “Creep,” “Unpretty,” “Ain’t 2 Proud to Beg” and of course, “No Scrubs.”

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