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Gabrielle Union opens up about her difficult journey to motherhood, and the hope that new daughter brings


ABCGabrielle Union is basking in the thrill of motherhood and proudly sharing her adorable bundle of joy with the world.

In a new cover story for Parents magazine, the actress, businesswoman and author shares her elation with her four-month-old daughter Kaavia, who she calls the “personification of hope.”  Kaavia arrived after a difficult journey that included multiple miscarriages and failed in-vitro fertilization treatments.

“There was a lot of pain, and a lot of disappointment.” she told the magazine. “I felt like I was not only disappointing myself and my spouse, but all the people who’d hung a lot of hope on us. I felt like a complete loser and failure.”

Union and NBA star husband Dwayne Wade eventually chose IVF and a gestational surrogate to welcome the little bundle of joy.

“@kaaviajames is already my kinda girl and is my forever #wcw,” Union posted to Instagram, along with a photo of the magazine’s cover. “She smiles when she sees @dwyanewade and has a loud laugh that sounds like husky voiced unicorn giggles.”

:This little girl has brought a light and joy to my life I didn’t even know was possible. Without words, she has challenged me to be a better version of myself, and on the daily has me busting out in fits of laughter.”

Union, 46, had already been step-mom to Wade’s children, but now she’s mom to a newborn girl and loving it.

“Kaavia really is the personification of hope for a lot of people like us, who maybe didn’t have a lot to be hopeful about. She represents that maybe there is a light at the end,” Union explains. “And when you take people on the low points of your journey, it’s cool to let them be part of the joy. Plus, she’s really cute.”

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