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Gabrielle Union’s daughter fails the fruit snack challenge, while Angela Simmons’ son passes with flying colors


ABC/Lorenzo BevilaquaThe Fruit Snack Challenge is the latest TikTok trend keeping kids and parents entertained during the COVID-19 quarantine. While some kids are passing with flying colors, others need a little more practice.

The friendly challenge calls for parents to capture their young child resisting temptation by refraining from eating fruit snacks in plain sight, while their parent leaves the room.

Actress Gabrielle Union shared an Instagram video of her one-year-old daughter, Kaavia James Union Wade, who couldn’t resist eating her favorite fruit snacks as soon as her mother left the room. 

Kaavia was ready for her favorite Bitsy’s fruit snacks. “Be right back,” Union said after placing the snacks in a bowl on the table and instructing her daughter, “Kav, don’t eat any Bitsy’s.” 

Of course, as soon as mom leaves the room, Kav helps herself.  “Kav, are you waiting? Are you patient?” Union asks from the other room as Kav cutely nods her head while chewing the fruit snacks.

Meanwhile, Angela Simmons son, Sutton Joseph Tennysonpassed with flying colors when attempting the challenge last week. Sutton wanted all the fruit snacks in his bowl.

“Don’t eat it, wait for me to come back, okay? Don’t eat!” the Growing Up Hip Hop cast member told her son before walking out of the room. 

“Heeeee don’t eat it because mommy is going to be upset,” the three-year-old said as he waited for his mother’s return. “Well, I’m in here in New Jer–” is as far as SJ got before mom returned to the room.

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