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Gayle King says being single under quarantine is daunting and scary


Michele Crowe/©22019 CBS BroadcastingWith millions across the world stuck at home because of COVID-19, singles are having a much tougher time than others. Before the quarantine, Gayle King had no problem with being single, since her life was filled with great people and events to go to. But now she says the single life seems “daunting” and “scary.”  

“It’s true, I’m single,” the CBS host told The Talk. “And honest to God, guys, I have never minded being single because my life is so full. I get to go to a lot of stuff. I know a lot of great people. So, I’ve never minded,” looking forward to quiet weekends where she didn’t have to dress up. 

King added, “But now that this is sort of ‘it,’ it feels very, very daunting and actually very, very scary to me.” 

After talking to her other single female and male friends, Gayle came to the conclusion that what’s most troubling is “there’s no end in sight,” contemplating how much longer millions will remain inside because of the virus.  

King shared its upsetting not knowing when she’ll see her “potty-trained and employed” adult children and her longtime friend, Oprah Winfrey, in person again. “So, all the people that I really cherish the most, I don’t know when that is going to be,” she said.

“That said, I sit here — knock on wood — healthy, very healthy and I look at what other people are dealing with,” she said. “So I can’t have a big “Don’t Cry for Me Argentina” moment because it is still very sad for me, but people are dealing with a whole lot worse and I don’t minimize that whatsoever.

“But that said,” King added, “this is hard.”

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