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Ginuwine and Chanté Moore talk new music amid starring roles in new stage play Married but Single Too


Courtesy It Is Done CommunicationsGinuwine and Chanté Moore both currently star in the new Je’Caryous Johnson stage play Married but Single Too, the sequel to Married but Single, which is currently touring the U.S.  But both singers promise fans that new music is also on the horizon, beginning with Chanté’s latest single, “Real One,” released earlier this month. 

“It’s from the forthcoming album called The Rise of the Phoenix, and it speaks to…’Women power! Women power. Love power.’  Because really, it’s not about recreating yourself, it’s about perfecting who you are and who I am as an artist, who I am as a woman,” she tells ABC Radio. 

Ginuwine also has plans to release new tracks later this year after a considerable hiatus. He says that getting back into the studio meant rediscovering who he was as a singer. 

“I didn’t know really where I belonged. I didn’t want to be too young. I didn’t want to try to, you know, I don’t wanna be too old. It’s gonna be called Same Ol G or Old School Young. lt’ll be probably out the fourth quarter or late third quarter,” he tells ABC Radio. (AUDIO IS ABC RADIO-1-ON-1)

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