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Gloria Gaynor hopes to inspire the youth in upcoming new book


Alex ArroyoDisco legend Gloria Gaynor is already inspiring the youth during this COVID-19 pandemic, by encouraging them to wash their hands with her viral TikTok video set to her 1970s hit “I Will Survive.” She tells ABC Audio she hopes to continue to inspire the next generation with her upcoming new book.

In the as-yet-untitled book, she says she plans to “share the wisdom, the knowledge, the things that I’ve gone through,” adding “I’ve always been a person that learned from other people’s mistakes.”

She hopes young people can similarly learn from her past experiences.

“So those are the young people that I’m looking to inspire and uplift with the things that I’ve learned through my years, so that they don’t have to have the same mistakes so that they can grow in leaps and bounds without all of those setbacks and hold-ups that I had,” she says.

Gaynor is home enjoying cooking and doing Instagram Live to uplift others, but she, like everyone else, is ready for the COVID-19 quarantine to be over.

She says, “I asked my manager yesterday, ‘Can I go back to work?'” (AUDIO IS ABC 1-ON-1)

Not just yet, Gloria Gaynor.

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