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Grammy Gift Lounge creator shares the time Rihanna brought her gal pals to the suite


Getty Images via ABCBy the time the 60th Annual Grammy Awards kick off Sunday night, Lash Fary, creator of the official Grammy Gift Lounge, will have seen almost every star who’s won the prestigious award.

One encounter Fary vividly remembers is when Rihanna stopped by a few years ago after a “difficult” Grammy rehearsal.

“And now the rehearsals are starting, what’s kind of fun is that,” Fary says recalling past years at his suite. 

“You know folks like Rihanna, who’s come through in the past and when she’s had like a difficult rehearsal, sound problems, whatever, sometimes she likes to come through with her girlfriends.Just to de-stress, and like have a shopping experience with her girlfriends. We let her bring five of her girlfriends in the last time that she came through and they went around together and they picked out stuff.”

Lash explains that for celebs like Rihanna, the suite is where they can have a relaxed shopping experience without fans or media hounding them.

“I think people forget, I think they get really focused on the fact that these are rich celebrities, ‘Why are they getting free stuff?’ — and they lose sight of a couple of things,” Fary explains. 

“First off, it’s not free — because these brands are leveraging the celebrities image, and the fact that they just gifted them on Instagram, and you know they’re paying for it with their celebrity.”

He continues, “But more importantly celebrities can’t shop like normal people. So if you’re Rihanna, it’s really hard to go check out new jewelry at the mall and just like see fun stuff because you’re barraged by fans and it’s really hard just to live your life.”

The 60th Annual Grammy Awards air live at 7:30 p.m. ET on CBS. 

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