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Grateful Mom Thanks Cop On Facebook For Helping Her Son


According to The Daily Mail, an appreciative VA mom wrote on facebook to thank a state trooper who helped her son with a flat tire late last Thursday and her post has been shared over 20,000 times.

Dr Nada Owusu shared that her son Joseph, a VA Tech student, was on his way home from school last week when his back tire blew out in the middle of nowhere.

She said her 20-year-old was approached by Virginia State Trooper Matt Okes, who noted he didn’t ask, “If the Mercedes was stolen?” but got on his knees instead to help him replace the tire.

When they realized the tire was stuck, Trooper Okes stayed with Joseph for hours until both the student’s parents and AAA arrived to help.

During the wait, he also made sure to shine the lights of his cruiser on Joseph’s car to help warn oncoming traffic.

Dr. Nada, a pediatrician from Ghana now living in Virginia, called Okes “Our hero!”  She said the trooper even drove behind the family after they returned to the road to make sure all was well.

The post has since gone viral, even catching the attention of TV host Montel Williams, who told Owusu he was grateful she shared their story of heroic kindness with the world.

He went on to say, “Too often we look at very specific instances where police miss the mark.”

This is one where they were spot on.

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