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The Grio ‘Nappily’ Review: ‘Wild Sex is Not an Option’


In a review of ‘Nappily Ever After’ dubbed ‘5 times ‘Nappily Ever After’ proved a Black woman’s struggle is real AF,’  writer Courtey Wills talks about the natural and/or otherwise hair woes of black women.

She says the movie nails it when it comes to swimming pools, rain, a bad day at the hair dresser and more:

“Pools are not for swimming. 

The movie opens with Violet as a child, remembering what it was like as the only Black girl at the country club pool. Wishing she could run around and act a fool like her white peers, Violent knows she’s not allowed to freely frolic in the pool without a care.

2. Rain is a deal-breaker. 

Violet’s impressive career comes with an assistant whose daily tasks include a detailed rundown of the weather forecast so the boss is never caught-off guard by high humidity or a unexpected rainstorm. Of all the things for a grown woman to be afraid of, rain is at the top of her list and we all know why.

3. Wild sex is not an option. 

Watching Violet getting it on with her smoldering hot boyfriend (Ricky White) should be all fun and games, but instead it’s a calculated dance orchestrated to keep his hands off of her head at all costs.

Can you relate?

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(Source:  The Grio)


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