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Halle Berry says it has been a nightmare homeschooling her kids


Prince Williams/WireimageNow that parents are responsible for homeschooling their children because COVID-19 has shut down schools, some parents are realizing just how under appreciated their teachers are.

One such parent is Halle Berry, who dished to Entertainment Tonight that making sure her kids — 12-year-old Nahla and six-year-old Maceo — stay on track has been anything but a walk in the park.

“It’s a nightmare for me. It’s a nightmare. This is like a wash of a semester; they’re really just not learning anything and it’s hard,” she divulged.

She’s learned why it’s been especially difficult getting her six-year-old to cooperate, saying that it’s because he doesn’t have anyone his age to mirror and take social cues from.

“I have a 6-year-old, and what I learned is that when 6-year-olds see other 6-year-olds do things, then they do things. Like, they sit and they eat because there’s 25 other ones doing it. They stay at their desks and color because there’s 25 other ones doing it,” she explained, saying that because Maceo’s out of the classroom, he’s not complacent being the only student.

It also doesn’t help that he’s “a class clown.”

Still, Halle says she is trying her absolute best to make sure he and his big sister meet all their lesson goals, saying that she is “cracking the whip” for school time.

“To get them to focus and realize they’re at home but yet they’re at school, it’s really been a challenge,” she confessed, but assured they won’t fall behind.

Besides keeping up with their kids lessons, she also makes sure they have plenty of bonding time, such as reading stories and having one-on-ones with mom.

“You gotta find the fun,” encouraged Berry.  

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