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Her time is now: Sevyn Streeter recalls hard career knocks on way to solo stardom


Dennis LeupoldSevyn Streeter was once a self-conscious “girl disrupted,” but is now a confident woman in charge of her career.  

The 31-year old artist tells Rolling Out magazine that one of the biggest lessons she’s learned throughout her journey as a performer was how to deal with rejection. “You have to work three times harder than everybody else. At least for me, I know I have to,” she says. 

Sevyn adds, “A no doesn’t always mean that you’re not good enough, but it may mean that it’s just not particularly your time. You just have to trust God and know that your time is going to come.”

While waiting for her time to shine as a solo artist, Sevyn honed her talents by writing songs for big names like Tamar BraxtonAlicia KeysChris Brown and Ariana Grande.  

She co-wrote Grande’s 2013 hit track, “The Way.”

“Writing for other artists is [incredible]. It’s like my favorite thing in the world to do and mainly because it’s a trusting process,” she tells Rolling Out.  

“People have to really trust you for them to allow you to write their story. I [cherish] the interacting and the relationships with artists that I write for.”

Even while going through life’s ups and downs, Sevyn wants her fans to know that she’s human just like them.

She says, “I think a lot of times people think just because we’re artists that we don’t go through s***, and that could not be any further from the truth.”

“All I want is for my fans to genuinely like my music. My connection with my fans is everything. My number one priority is that I looked out for them.”  

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