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He’s my mentor: Kat Graham talks about working with Babyface for Love Music Funk Magic album


ABC RadioKat Graham currently stars as Jada Pinkett in the newly-released Tupac Shakur biopic All Eyez on Me, but did you know that she also has a new album out?  

The singer-actress’ latest musical offering is called Love Music Funk Magic and she co-produced and co-wrote it with Babyface, who she considers a friend as well as her colleague.

“I don’t approach him necessarily as like, ‘OK, he’s the producer, I’m the artist. I’m coming in and this is how it’s gonna be,” she tells ABC Radio.  

“Our relationship is really a friendship and he’s my mentor. So, we come at it from a very relaxed, no-pressure, ‘we don’t have anyone to answer to [state of mind],’ even though he’s Babyface and I’m Kat Graham.” 

Giving further insight into their artistic process in the studio, Kat reveals that Babyface’s ear for careful detail explain his miles-long resume of hits. 

She adds, “I just let him kind of create and if I create something and I bring it to him and I say, ‘Any thoughts?’ And sometimes I’ve re-recorded songs and re-written songs and gone back to the drawing board multiple times for multiple songs on this album.”

“He would come in and say,’We’re gonna change that’ and ‘What are you talking about?’ and ‘That doesn’t make sense’ and ‘Oh the melody could be better if you’d change it just slightly,'” says Kat. “He really fine-tuned this project with me.”

Love Music Funk Magic is now available everywhere. 

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