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Pelosi and McConnell’s Homes Vandalized Over $2000 Stimulus Checks


People struggling to keep up financially amid the COVID pandemic, poured into the streets of San Francisco on Friday.

The vandalized House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s house was vandalized with messages saying $2,000 isn’t even enough.

They left Pelosi’s home with fake blood and a pig’s head.  Vandals were upset with failure to pass $2,000 government stimulus checks even though Pelosi has been pushing for them since April.

The spray-painted message reads: “$2K (crossed out)… CANCEL RENT… WE WANT EVERYTHING”.

Meantime, vandals also apparently targeted Senate Leader Mitch McConnell’s home as well, spray-painting, “Where’s my money?” on his door.

Last week House Democrats, joined by over 40 Republicans passed a stand-alone measure for those $2000 stimulus payment.  Senate Republicans blocked a vote on the measure twice in the past week.

President Trump most recently has demanded that Republicans get on board with $2000 checks in a demand that threw a monkey wrench in the latest pandemic relief bill. After a brief delay, the bill was signed that included a $600 payment to most Americans.

Senate Leader Mitch McConnell’s home:

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