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Hundreds Hit Dallas Streets In Peaceful Protest


WFAA reported that it was a peaceful night of protesting through downtown Dallas yesterday.  DPD officers who monitored the large crowds witnessed sign holding and chanting for justice and change.

Hundreds of people hit the streets. Community members spoke out and demanded change.

On one corner, crowds were shouted, “Hands up! Don’t shoot!”

One protester told the media he was there because, “We don’t want what happened in Ferguson and Baltimore to happen here.

Another protester against police brutality held up a sign of Clinton Allen, who was shot and killed by a Dallas police officer in 2013.

“Police don’t get a free pass,” one unidentified man shouted, as he debated the issues at hand.   “Because you have a badge and a gun, doesn’t give you a right to break the law. Good police officers need to stand up, because they make them look bad.”

The night of marching demonstrations began with a couple of rallies, Mother’s Against Police Brutality and another group who pushed for immigration reform.

The demonstrations continued into the evening, as groups shut down several city streets and the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge, saying they just wanted their voices heard.

Police say the Friday night demonstrations were very peaceful. They say it was a smooth night and no arrests were made.


(Photo: Chance Horner/WFAA)

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