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In My Feelings dance creator Shiggy urges people to stop jumping out of moving cars to dance


Vivien Killilea/Getty Images Idol RocThe viral dance challenge for Drake‘s “In My Feelings” has led to numerous traffic accidents, and now the creator of the dance wants people to stop the dangerous moves.

Comedian Shiggy, who ignited the craze with an Instagram video, urges people to stop jumping out of cars to do the dance.

“I don’t want to say it’s a ‘challenge’…because when you do challenges, you try to do the craziest thing that you can possibly. I just want it to be just a dance,” Shiggy tells TMZ.

“I never got outside the car or anything, I was not really associated with a car with the video,” he adds, “but I think it elevated from getting out the car, to now it’s with the moving car and it’s just something dangerous.”

“I’d rather people just, like, stop doing it and just have fun and just do the dance regular,” Shiggy says.

As previously reported, the National Transportation Safety Board issued a warning about people dangerously jumping out of moving cars to show off their moves on video.

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