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India Arie is offended by Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake’s Songversation skit


Courtesy of BMGThere’s one person who doesn’t find late-night TV host Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake‘s post-Super Bowl Songversation skit funny at all: India Arie.  

The “Cocoa Butter” singer voiced her disappointment on Twitter Monday, writing, “I hear @jimmyfallon show appropriated my sacred word #songversation Last night for a skit. just be clear Im offended [broken heart emoji].” 

India’s fifth album is titled Songversation and she also has a Grammy-nominated project called SongVersation: Medicine, which came out last year. 

India credits herself as having created the word “songversation,” stating in an Oprah Winfrey SuperSoul Session last year that it’s “a practice that is part meditation, part prayer, part fellowship and part action.” 

She believes that Jimmy and Justin appropriated the word for their own misguided benefit. Their songversation skit features the two having a conversation with one another in song. 

In another tweet India says, “scrolling thru these hashtags is makeing [sic] me nauseous #songversation was not created as a place for @jimmyfallon to make jokes. Smh.”    

However, the performer eventually softened her disapproval, writing, “I’m certian [sic] that i brought this word [to] the consciousness. I dont think its @jimmyfallon him self. Its his writers.”  

Overall, she refused to back down from her overall stance, adding in a reply to a fan, “I have been the #1 propegator [sic] of this WORD #songversation in the entertainment industries at large for nearly 10 years.”  

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