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I’ve never had that problem: Mary J. Blige talks about Hollywood’s sexual harassment scandals


ABC/ Ida Mae AstuteFollowing the recent sexual harassment allegations coming out of Hollywood, Mary J. Blige tells The Hollywood Reporter that although she’s “never had that problem,” she’s “happy” that the women speaking out about their experience are now “free.”

“I was always kinda, like, a tomboy and one of the guys,” she says. 

“I feel really sad for the women, but I’m happy that they’re free. I’m happy that they’re free because they had to hold on to a secret that they may have seen shrinks for for years and years and years.” 

The singer and Mudbound actress, who recently filed for divorce from husband Kendu Isaacs, adds that she she made the decision to be a tomboy in her youth because she’d “been through so much as a child and a teenager” — namely dealing with an addiction to drugs, alcohol abuse and physical abuse at the hands of a boyfriend. 

She says, “I just wore baggier jeans and Timberlands and hats turned backwards so I won’t be so revealing. It took me a very long time to even wear makeup and tight clothes because I’d been through so much.” 

“There’s so much more that people don’t know (about me). And that has been a secret, those secrets I still have to deal with,” Mary continues. 

“I’m just happy that people are being exposed and exposing other people.” 

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