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Janelle Monae is determined to make America great again


JUCOJanelle Monae is dedicating herself to social change, and she believes the concepts she sings about on her album Dirty Computer can lead to a better America.

“It’s saying that this country may not be working in my favor now, but it will be in mine before it’s all over, she tells ”That is the hope that I want to leave, because that’s the hope that I mean.”

Monae says despite the problems she feels are being caused by the current administration, she is hopeful for the future.

“Things could absolutely get worse,” Monae says, “and so what I’m choosing to do instead of wake up every day with hate in my heart for the abusers of power in the White House, I’m choosing to focus on celebrating the folks that need it most.”

“Focus on the people that I can directly impact through my music, through my art,” she continues. “I think that my time is better served making them feel like they have community.”

The 32 year-old-singer/actress says it’s important for all people to unite and fight oppression.

“What I’m getting at is all of the groups, all of us can really win when we take that stance, that we’re going to protect each other,” she says. “That’s the way that I’m trying to live. I’m walking in that even more because I see value in it.”

Monae goes on to name five entertainers who inspire her: Yara Shahidi, Amandla Stenberg, Lena Waithe, Lupita Nyong’o, and Issa Rae. She says they’re special because they encourage her “to do more and to be better.”

The six-time Grammy Award nominee will perform at JAY-Z‘s Made In America Festival September 1 in Philadelphia, and also at the Global Citizen Festival September 26 in New York City.

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