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Janelle Monae says some people close to her can’t accept her pansexuality


JUCOJanelle Monae made news in April when she announced she’s pansexual, and she says her revelation makes some people close to her very uncomfortable.

“My parents are very supportive,” she tells The, “but I have people who I love who don’t accept it.”

“Talking about this causes a lot of complications in your family,” she adds. “People don’t realize that. It’s not easy for people to just live openly and honestly because you have to go home and deal with people who have these views about homosexuality and have these views about what it means to be a queer black woman and it’s not an easy thing to do.”

The six-time Grammy nominee says she ”came out” for those who are frowned upon by society for their sexual preference.

“It just had to do with me looking at the people that I love who live in a small town where they feel ostracized and feel like who they are is not enough. I want them to know I see you, I hear you,” Monae says. “I’ll go out ahead of you so you can walk out more confidently when you’re ready.”

The 32-year-old singer/actress says one reason why she decided to identify herself as pansexual was seeing relatives being condemned for their sexual choices.

“I was inspired by my cousins and those around me who are constantly being told that they’re going to hell, that they’re less than because of their sexual identity or because of who they love.”

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