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Janet Jackson reveals she almost shaved her head in tearful response to viral cancer video


ABCJanet Jackson had a very emotional response to a recent viral video and revealed some shocking details about herself in the process. 

On Tuesday, the 53-year-old singer took a moment to share a heartwarming video showcasing one sister’s support of her sibling’s cancer battle. In the minute-long clip, which was originally posted on March 25, a teenager named Camila explained that her little sister Gabi feels ugly because she has a bald head and no eyebrows due to her current cancer treatment.

Camila, who already shaved her head, then proceeded to take a razor and shave her eyebrows, “These don’t make you pretty. These don’t make you.”

Gabi’s jaw dropped as she watched with tears welling up in her eyes. 

“Don’t trip,” Camila added, “I’m going to go through this with you.”

Jackson responded to the heart-tugging video on Twitter, writing, “This made me cry.”

“I was actually going to shave my head for the janet. Tour and was going to talk to all the kids to do the same,” she revealed, referencing her 1993 world tour. “I love a bald head, especially on a woman I think it’s beautiful!”

“You and your family are in my prayers,” she told the sisters. “Stay positive Stay strong. You’re so beautiful.”

Jackson isn’t the only celebrity who has sent well wishes to Camila and Gabi. The video has also garnered supportive comments from RihannaEmily RatajkowskiMichael B. Jordan, and Kelly Clarkson

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