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JAY-Z protégé Victory turned sadness to joy with her debut single, “Open Your Eyes”


Roc NationJAY-Z’s new Roc Nation artist Victory was discovered after performing for years for free in New York’s Central Park, and she remembers that it was a very sad day in the park inspired her debut single, “Open Your Eyes.”

“I was crying and crying and I just remember realizing, like, ‘wait a second,’ like, ‘look around you, everything around you is so beautiful,’” Victory tells ABC Radio.

“I was sitting next to a big water fountain and the birds were singing, the trees were so gorgeous, flowers everywhere, and still I was crying,” she remembers. “So basically…I realized that if I could simply open my eyes, I could be happy,”

Victory recalls the song instantly came to her.

“I immediately started writing the song,” she recalls. “The lyrics, ‘how can you be so blind to the beauty of life’ came to me immediately. I had my guitar with me at the time and I just started writing the song.” 

Victory released her debut album, The Broken Instrument, in June, and in July, she performed at the Essence Festival in New Orleans.

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