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Jéan Elie says season four of ‘Insecure’ will peel back the layers of his character Ahmal


Photo credit: Jesse LinFans will get to “see a lot more” of Jéan Elie, who plays the younger, snarky brother of Issa Rae’s character on HBO’s Insecure.

“You’re going to see Ahmal come in for a scene, a quick joke. He’s reading Kelli or reading somebody,” Elie tells ABC Audio. “In this season, we’re going to peel the layers back on Ahmal. And you’re going to get a deeper dive into who he is.”

According to the actor, those layers include learning how his character’s “sexual preference has informed his life in relationship with his family.”

“You’re going to get a bigger understanding of Issa and Ahmal’s relationship,” Elie continues. “And to who he is as an individual, which I can’t wait.”

Even with the excitement surrounding the new season, Elie still takes a moment to reflect on how it all came about.

“Literally like a dream come true,” he recalls. “I literally manifested this in 2015 when I saw [Issa] at a poly-tech presentation at Urbanworld Film Festival. And some interviewer asked me after the screening and said, “Can you see yourself on the show?’ A year later, I’m on the show. So yeah, it’s dope.”

Of course, as much as fans continue to question Elie on what will happen to Issa and his character, the actor refuses to spill the beans. Instead, Elie promises that we’re going to “love” this new season.

“I remember I got the script and Issa was.. like, “it’s some dope [stuff] to it– this season,'” he says. “And I was like, ‘I can’t wait to like…sink my teeth in and live in.”

“You’re going to really love Ahmal this year,” he teases.

Season four of Insecure, also starring Yvonne Orji, Jay Ellis and Natasha Rothwell, premieres Sunday, April 12 at 10 p.m. ET.

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