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Jennifer Hudson is discriminated against on planes…and in her own home


ABC/Fred LeeShe may be an award-winning superstar, but Jennifer Hudson, who’s on the cover of Cosmopolitan UK‘s February issue, tells the magazine about her constant struggle with racism.

JHud reveals, “There have been several situations where I get on a plane and [the air steward] assumes that I’m [supposed to be] in the back of the plane. That happens a lot. I’m like, ‘No, my seat is up there [in first class], thank you.'” 

Giving another example, she adds, “People also assume that my home belongs to my white driver, Charles. One time, I was having something moved into my house and they wanted to know where to put it. I said, ‘There.’ [The moving man] just stood there.”

“When Charles came in, he asked him, ‘So where would you like these things?'” she continues. “Charles said, ‘She said she wanted it right there. You’re talking to the wrong person.'”   

Still, JHud says she’ll just continue to “defy all the odds being African-American, living in a wealthy neighborhood and being a working mom” and speak up about others’ ignorance head on.

“It’s too many foreign things in one person!” she explains. “Race is just one of them. I face them all.”   

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