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Jhené Aiko reveals release date for upcoming album ‘Chilombo’


Photo Courtesy of Def Jam”U gotta respect the pen.” That’s how Jhené Aiko announced her new era a few days ago, and now we have details. 

Her new album Chilombo is expected to drop on March 6th and promises to be the “realest s***” she’s ever created. The album’s title is the same as her surname — she was born Jhené Aiko Efuru Chilombo — and it celebrates her coming into her own personal power. 

The Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter was inspired by the beautiful, yet powerful volcanoes on the Big Island of Hawaii, where her great-grandmother was born. On Chilombo, which means wild beast in Japanese, Jhené embraces her strength, confidence and power as a woman, creator and healer.

She describes this album as a compilation of her past projects, explaining, “If Sailing soul(s), Sail Out, Souled Out and Trip had a baby, it would be Chilombo.”

With this album, she incorporates crystal alchemy and focuses on sound healing. Jhené shared that she hopes to introduce her fans to sound as a form of healing through what she calls “modern mantra,” as illustrated by the “Trigger Protection Mantra” she released last year.. 

Last year, she released three advance singles from the album, including “Triggered,” “None of Your Concern” and “P*$$Y Fairy (OTW),” the latter of which was released last month.

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