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Jhené Aiko takes a Trip down memory lane, admits battling addiction and grief


Isacc SterlingJhené Aiko‘s sophomore album Trip is currently number five on the Billboard 200 chart.  

But even with her current success, she tells fans via Instagram that she’s “not an entertainer or even a singer,” but rather someone who’s been battling addiction and grief “for the past 5 years.” 

She continues, “Sharing this project [Trip] has been helping me heal…I have been sober since the release date and I am proud of myself for that more than anything.”

“I am proud of all of us for opening our minds and hearts in such a chaotic time.” 

Jhené adds, “We are truly better as a collective. The human race is in dire need of healing. We are all in this together and it’s time we act like we know.”

“Thank you to any and everyone who took the time to watch the short film, listen to the album and read this post.”  

Fans can watch Jhené’s short film, also titled Trip, on YouTube and on her website,

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