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Jhené Aiko’s keeping it simple with release of new poetry book


Isacc SterlingJhené Aiko is proving that she has a way with words not only as a singer-songwriter, but also as an up-and-coming poet. 

The “While We’re Young” artist, who recently released a poetry book titled 2Fish, tells Billboard that when it comes to writing poetry she likes “to keep it simple.” 

“I think that there is depth in simplicity,” she adds. “I feel like there’s genius in simplicity. I don’t try to use words you don’t understand.”

“At the same time, it’s very personal and very much so comes from my heart. It’s really my thoughts on paper.” 

Jhené also says that writing, in general, helps her to deal with her emotions. 

She continues, “I’m a very emotional person. A lot of times, if I talked to someone about all the different things in my head, they would think I’m crazy or judge me.”

“With a pen and paper, you don’t have to deal with that. I understand myself and it’s a release for me — it helps me get through things.” 

As for her poetry book, Jhené, who’s spoken out about her past battles with addiction and grief, hopes that it will give readers “a better understanding” of who she is as Jhené, the person, providing encouragement. 

“We’re all going through something, and the hardest battle to win is the one from within,” she says, adding, “We need to find more ways to deal with depression and mental illness.” 

For info on how to grab your very own copy of 2Fish, check out Jhené’s official website.  

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