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Jill Scott Finally Seems Ready to Release New Music


Image Courtesy The Chamber Group

When Jill Scott joined Instagram on Friday, many thought the move was because she was ready to release new music. Especially since her first post looked like a single cover. It’s a black-and-white picture of a crying Jill, with the words “You Don’t Know” written on it.

When Jill spoke with ABC Radio earlier this year, the R&B singer said new music was coming, but she was still preparing the album’s release.

“I’m not even finished preparing for it — mentally, emotionally,” she said in January. “I have to disappear from everyone for at least a couple of weeks before I can actually put it out. It’s like harnessing your chi.”

In the two months since then, perhaps Jill has harnessed it all and she’s ready to go. It’s not like the singer didn’t feel the pressure from fans and from herself.

“I’m not the kind of artist to force a circle in the square peg. I have to wait. I have to be patient. Even though I do feel the pressure. And I’m like, ‘I really wanna put out a new album. I really wanna do it this year. I really wanna do it this month. I really wanna…’ I have to wait,” she explained. “For this record, I knew that there was something that I wanted to convey, but it wasn’t coming just yet. You know, good songs, great songs, but I can’t put it out until there is an underbelly.”

There’s no word on exactly what Jill’s first single from her fifth studio album sounds like. But Jill explained what we can expect overall from her follow up to her 2011 album, The Light of the Sun, which she said she’s been working on “for about three years now.”

“It’s a combination of country — I love the stories, I love storytelling, so there’s like some kind of country going on in there,” she said.

“I love the storytelling of hip-hop so there’s some of that in there,” Jilly from Philly continued. “There’s some soul that is so grown that it made me question like, ‘Am I adult enough to sing this this way?’ And then I thought about it: ‘Hell yeah. I sure am.'” 

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