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Jill Scott Makes No Apologies for Singing About No-Good Men


Photo Credit: TV One/Karen SayreJill Scott’s Woman is her first new album in four years, and the title indicates, the songs are geared toward females, and she does not apology for occasional male bashing.

Regarding her song “Closure” about a woman having sex with a man for the last time and then ending the relationship, she tells Variety, “It’s a story for the sake of entertainment. If you’re just a good-time Charlie, and you’re comfortable with it, then it’s no big deal,” she says. “It’s not my concern. But if that man or that woman is like, ‘You know what? I’ve had enough. This was fun, but I really would like to have a relationship or a love that makes my heart feel special and wonderful’…  I’m not judgmental, I’m an observationist. I observe.”

In describing the album, Scott says, “Central concept for the new album, I would say, is a lot of journaling. It’s growing up music,” she continues. “It’s take a look at yourself music. It’s be honest about who you are music. And it’s music for everybody.”

The Grammy award winner from Philadelphia wrapped up her summer tour Friday night in Phoenix, and she’ll take a break before traveling to Australia and New Zealand in October.

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