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Jill Scott Says Latest Album, Woman, Feels Like I Have Arrived


Photo Credit: TV One/Karen Sayre

Jill Scott is proud with her latest release, Woman, which includes the singles “You Don’t Know” and “Fool’s Gold.” Despite being in the industry for 15 years, the singer tells ABC Radio her latest body of work feels like an official introduction to her fans.

“I’m just growing, like for instance I’ve noticed that people really want Who Is Jill Scott? again, but that was 15 years ago. You know, I can’t, nor would I want to be the same person that I was 15 years ago,” Jill says. “And that record took 27 years before I had those things to say.”

She continues, “So the fact that now, 15 years later, people are starting to get it.  I’m really pleased about that. Its like I have arrived.”

The singer adds that she appreciates the response from her fans over the album, which was released earlier this year. “You work hard on something, you toil over it, stay up nights, you dream about it, you know, and hope that somebody will be affected by it or, at the very least, like it, you know what I mean, so the fact that its getting such great feedback, its like a relief.”

Jill will spend the remainder of the year on the road — she’s scheduled to play Wells Fargo Center on November 28 in her hometown of Philadelphia, PA. Visit for tickets for the tour, which wraps December 14 in Cleveland, OH.

“You Don’t Know” currently sits at number 10 on Billboard‘s Adult R&B Songs chart.

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