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Jim Carrey makes surprise cameo in The Weeknd’s Out of Time music video


Rich Fury/Getty Images for dcp

The Weeknd‘s “Out of Time” music video is finally here and it features a surprise cameo from comedian Jim Carrey, who narrated Dawn FM.

The music starts off with The Weeknd meeting a potential love interest on an elevator, and the two continue bumping into each other until they sing one of his songs at karaoke.  The two steal the karaoke machine and continue goofing off around in the hotel at which they’re both staying.

Then things take a weird turn.  Blood starts pooling at their dinner table and the camera blurs, flickering between scenes at the hotel and a sterile operating room.

As the song fades, Carrey ominously narrates, “Don’t you dare touch that dial because, like the song says, you are out of time. You’re almost there, but don’t panic.  There’s still more music to come before you’re completely engulfed in the blissful embrace of that little light you see in the distance.  Soon you’ll be healed, forgiven and refreshed. Free from all trauma, pain, guilt and shame.  You may even forget your own name.  But before you dwell in that house forever, here’s thirty minutes of easy listening to some slow tracks on 103.5 Dawn FM.”

While that narration is going on, we see a cameo of the elderly version of The Weeknd on a gurney and Carrey, as a seemingly unhinged doctor, putting a mask over his face and inspecting his work.

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