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John Legend gives relationship advice to Cosmopolitan readers: Listen and empathize with one another


ABC/Eddy ChenIf there’s one thing John Legend knows, it’s what young men are afraid to talk about with their first true loves.  

Luckily, he’s willing to give Cosmopolitan magazine readers a heads up about what those topics are.

“Fear,” he says. “People are afraid about their fears and insecurities. They’re afraid of expressing emotion beyond anger, dominance, or power, and they’re afraid of getting in touch with their feminine side.” 

The Grammy and Oscar-winner also believes that young women should encourage young men to open up about their emotions and feelings.

“I think they can talk to each other more often,” he says.  

“It’s hard because women are dealing with the same thing: they’re dealing with expectations about how they’re supposed to look and how they’re supposed to interact with men.”

He adds, “I think we’re all trying to figure it all out, especially when we’re teenagers, but I think the key is to listen and empathize with one another.”

As for John and wife Chrissy Teigen‘s line of communication, he tells the publication that “there’s no problem with openness in our relationship.” 

“You know Chrissy. She doesn’t hold anything back! I’m quite reserved, but being with someone like her inspires me to be open about my emotions,” reveals John.  

“She brings them out of me because she’s so open about hers.”  

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