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John Legend, Miguel, Tinashe, Christina Milian, Angie Stone & More Talk Christmas Plans & Traditions



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Christmas is finally here and music stars have shared what they are looking forward to most this holiday season. 

John Legend tells ABC Radio that he’s excited to take a vacation with his pregnant wife, Chrissy Tiegen. “We’ll be relaxing, we’re going to take a little trip and be with some of our family and just enjoy each other’s company,” says Legend. 

The soon-to-be parents are already preparing to adjust their busy schedules to accommodate their bundle of joy, who will arrive next year.

“Well, it will be a new thing trying to do it with a kid,” he says of balancing work and home life.  “But me and my wife we try our best to be with each other as much as we can even though we are both busy.”

“We both work a lot and I think it is nice to actually miss somebody too,” he adds. “So it’s good that we have a little time apart, but we get back together after a few days and it seems like every time we see each other we’re like, we still miss each other a bit and it’s exciting to see each other, so I think the rhythm that we have is pretty cool.”

While some artists have unique family traditions, Miguel is just excited to hang with his loved ones, especially those who are approaching their golden years.

“Other than just getting together, there’s no real traditions you know: Eat as much as we can, drink as much as we can without passing out and getting sick and enjoy each other’s company,” he says. “You know, my family, my uncles, and my aunts and my grandparents are getting older so I think so we value that time together much more now.”

Tinashe reveals she’s ecstatic to be amongst her family following a hectic 2015. “Yes, I’m really excited to be home. I’ve been traveling so much this year — you know I went on tour with Katy Perry, I went on tour with Nicki Minaj — so I’ve been traveling a ton!” she says. “I’m excited to be able to actually just be at home and chill with family and hang out with my little brothers. It’s going to be good.”

Tinashe adds that her family puts on an annual production of sorts. “Every Christmas, we put on a Christmas production, I actually choreographed it when I was probably like 10 or 11, so we do the original choreography — every year, I got to bring back my dancer teen,” she continues,  “My brothers put on a sermon, we do like communion in the house,  like it’s crazy! We throw a whole Christmas extravaganza.” 

Christina Milian says her daughter Violet makes Christmas much more enjoyable ever since she became a mom. “Having a child makes it more special, before my daughter I definitely could have done without you know, like, lighting up the house, but now that I have her it does make it more special,” she says of her child with ex-husband The Dream. “I do love to see the lights, you want to make it special for them and feed their imagination as much as your imagination was fed when you were a kid. And now it’s like there’s so much going on, it’s nice to give them a little bit of calm.”

iLoveMemphis, known for his hit single “Hit the Quan,” says the holiday gifts aren’t that important. “My family, we don’t take holidays that serious because, you know, like, you’ll take out the most important thing, you know. Christmas is about Jesus, you know, and I’m a big believer,” he says, adding: “I don’t expect anything on Christmas, I hardly get stuff, but holidays, you know, as long as our family are together we are good. “

Meanwhile, Angie Stone is just hoping that her family won’t forget to get her a gift this year, again. “Last Christmas, I have to say, was very interesting because I’m always running around making sure everybody has Christmas and I didn’t get a Christmas gift and I think because everybody was depending on me to bring Christmas that they really forgot,” she says. “It’s my one way to show my family that this is what family is about, but I have to say hopefully they will remember this year to give me a Christmas card, at least.”

Reality star and daughter of Rev Run, Angela Simmons, reveals that she enjoys procrastinating when it comes to holiday gifts. “I mean my sister and I are usually the worst, we wait until like Christmas Eve to go shopping, which is ridiculous,” she says.  “But I think that’s one of the traditions that we’ve always stuck to, kind of going shopping on the 24th.”

Actress Tia Mowry also shared on her family fun. “We all go over to my mother’s house and we decorate the tree together, and we listen to Christmas carols and we sing them at the top of our lungs,” she says.  “After that we will all sit down and watch Christmas classics like Home Alone, Home Alone 2.  

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