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John Legend responds to venomous trolls: I won’t be shutting up


ABC/Paula LoboJohn Legend‘s been very outspoken when it comes to his feelings about social injustice, police brutality, the prison system and President Trump. While his views mean he’s often attacked on social media, he’s now declared that he has no intention of keeping quiet.

The conservative website Breitbart recently posted an article that was critical of John’s recent chat with NowThis. In the interview, John said that in his opinion, the “rhetoric of white supremacy” has been, “either endorsed or kind of winked at by our president.” 

“When people of such influence are endorsing such a hateful, ideology, it emboldens those who would go out and do something really evil and nasty like what happened in New Zealand,” said John, referring to the mass shooting there a few days ago.

The Breitbart article evidently inspired a lot of responses, because John took to Twitter to respond…and throw some serious shade.

“I always know when Breitbart writes about me. An army of venomous trolls with terrible grammar takes over my mentions,” he wrote. “I pray you guys rethink all of your existence. Do better.”

He then added, in reference to First Lady Melania Trump‘s anti-online-bullying initiative, “Be best, as your queen commanded you. And know that I won’t be shutting up.”

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