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John Legend Sheds Light on Racism in Upcoming HBO Documentary, Southern Rites


Image Courtesy ABC/ Lorenzo BevilaquaJohn Legend stopped by ABC’s Good Morning America on Friday to promote the upcoming HBO documentary Southern Rites, a film he executive produced that follows the first desegregated proms in Montgomery County, Georgia.

The singer revealed what first attracted him to participate in the project, directed by Gillian Laub. “We feel so privileged to be a part of it. I have a production company called the Get Lifted Film company and Gillian presented this concept to us and this idea for this film and first of all, it was interesting just to hear about the fact that we had segregated proms in America in the 21st century,” Legend says.

He continues, “I thought this couldn’t be possibly happening now and so that was like the original hook that was piquing my interest, and saying we’ve got to learn more about this.”

Despite his surprise at segregation still existing in America, Legend says the experience of making Southern Rites has given him hope for ongoing change in America. “The legacy of separating us by racial difference is really strong and its really difficult for us to overcome. But I think it’s something we can overcome,” he says.

Southern Rites premieres Monday, May 18 on HBO.

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