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John Legend’s Marriage Advice: Cherish Every Moment


ABC/Randy HolmesJohn Legend‘s new single “Love Me Now” is about being present and throwing yourself into a relationship, without thinking of what the future will bring.  He says that’s the way he looks at his own marriage to Chrissy Teigen.

“You just have to try and be with each other as much as you can, cherish every moment,” John tells Entertainment Tonight. “Enjoy each moment. Go out of your way, do fun things together as a couple and as a family. And we try to do as much of that as we can while still working and you know maintaining our careers.”

John and Chrissy also feel that way about raising their baby daughter Luna.

“We just try and make every day as great as we can for her, help her grow into the kind of human we want her to be, and try and make every moment as stress-free and joyous for her as possible,” he tells ET.

John and Chrissy are friendly with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, and John says he “feels really bad” about Kim’s robbery in Paris.

“It makes you think about everything,” he says.  “The world…is not full of danger at every turn, but there is enough out there that you need to be aware of it, and be as cautious as you can while still enjoying yourself and not living in a box and kind of imprisoning yourself to the fear that something could happen.”

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