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Johnny Gill shares his management style for Ralph Tresvant’s solo return


Courtesy of The Sono Recording GroupR&B stateman Johnny Gill is preparing to relaunch Ralph Tresvant‘s solo return to music after nearly 14 years, as the first signee to Gill’s J Skillz record label. 

Johnny is featured on Ralph’s latest single, “All Mine,” after pairing up on “Perfect” from Johnny’s 2019 album Game Changer II.

As label CEO, Johnny tells ABC Audio he’s learned a lot about himself as an artist and what it takes to helps other artists bring their vision to life.

“What I’ve learned most importantly about being an artist is my goal is to not do anything but to take somebody like Ralph, who has his own vision, his own ideas,” the label CEO said.

Johnny’s management style involves a team-involved effort to “make sure we bring your vision and get what it is that you’re trying to get to make it come to its fullest capacity and bringing it to fruition.” 

Though he’s still learning about the industry from an executive position, Johnny wants nothing more than to see Ralph and other forthcoming artists reach their full potential and to win as a team. 

“I’m learning as I go down the line because there are other artists that we have coming in at some point on J Skillz records,” he tells ABC Audio.

“Everybody has their own vision of what they want to do and who they want to be and what they want to do, ultimately,” he continued. “My goal is just having a team and us all working together as a team to get the championships and to win championships.”

By Rachel George
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